A single dashboard for managing all your research vendors, contacts, and calls

Your team’s secret weapon for getting the most value from every research relationship.

    • Better Research: Find vendors and contacts with the click of a button, to make faster decisions.
    • Smarter Vendor Spend: Proprietary ratings help you determine your high-value vendors.
    • Compliance: Save time and show regulators and investors a tangible platform for research compliance.
    • Vendor-agnostic: Capture all vendor records in your own database with no data-entry.

“Not only are we getting a firm-wide research CRM, but we’re now getting valuable insight into the performance of our primary research vendors, our number one fund expense.” -CFO, $1 billion NY-based hedge fund

Rating system for vendors and contacts enables better, faster research

Analysts can rate the quality of each contact or engagement. Ratings are compiled for each expert network or primary research vendor and analyzed to help determine which vendors are providing the highest value. This information makes analysts more productive as they focus on high value vendors and gives the fund’s management team stronger insight into their research expenses.

Data feeds to capture all contacts and calls across all vendors

Research contacts are typically managed through a series of emails between the analyst, the vendor, the analyst’s admin, and Compliance. The MosaicRM app brings all these communications into a centralized dashboard, streamlining the entire research process and creating a searchable audit trail for the firm.

Customizable workflows to increase analyst and Compliance productivity

The MosaicRM app drives each step of the process. Proposed contacts from vendors are automatically loaded into the system. Selected contacts are sent to the analyst’s admin for scheduling and to Compliance for a pre‐call review. After the interview, the analyst rates the quality of the contact and completes questions for Compliance. Analysts and their managers can know in an instant how many active items they have at each step of the process. Click here to request a demo

Cross-vendor workflows to standardize Compliance

The MosaicRM app helps automate pre-­ and post‐call compliance requirements. If potential conflicts are identified, Compliance is notified. Reports can easily be generated for management and regulators to demonstrate that all research is being supervised and potential conflicts have been properly resolved.

Secure client database to build a proprietary research network

The MosaicRM app sits on a secure client-owned database. Each contact and their ratings are stored indefinitely. Over time, the database becomes the client’s proprietary research network which can be the first stop for analyst research; reducing vendor expenses, increasing analyst productivity, and increasing research speed and quality.

Cloud-based technology to implement with ease

MosaicRM is built using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, which means implementing the MosaicRM app is like flipping on a light switch. After basic configuration, users can begin using the system with minimal training. Little to no IT involvement is necessary. The MosaicRM app is built and runs on the client’s own database, which is managed by one of the most secure and robust technology providers in the world.