Mosaic Data Partner Invitation

At Mosaic, we believe in excellence. We believe that everyone can be better than they are today. We work with clients and experts who share this value.

We help our clients and experts achieve excellence by bridging the gap between where expertise resides and where it’s needed. Mosaic’s Data Partner program is a new way to more systematically bridge that gap and provide insight to our clients and immense value to our experts who participate.

As you’ve experienced by working with us, your expertise is a valuable input into our clients’ investment process. In today’s data-rich world, there is a new opportunity to leverage and transfer data, very much the way we have historically leveraged and transferred expertise, from our experts to our clients.

Example 1:

As a maker of mobile web applications, one of our experts owns geolocation data that can provide insight into the highway miles traveled on key trucking routes in the US, which is an indicator of the overall economic health. Mosaic works with this expert to create a simple but powerful data set for our clients, which is being licensed for thousands of dollars per month. This is instant, profitable revenue for the expert, and a valuable input for our client.

Example 2:

As a provider of POS software, one of our experts is in possession of a vast amount of anonymized sales data from the retail industry. His client agreements allow him to resell the aggregated, anonymized data to third parties. He has typically sold this data to retailers and manufacturers in the industry, to aid in their demand planning. Mosaic has worked with him to create a simple data set that is licensed by our clients, giving our clients valuable insight into demand in the retail sector and giving the expert a profitable ancillary revenue stream.

If you are aware of unique data sets within your industry, or have your own unique data set, that may be a valuable input in our clients’ investment process, we can help make the connection, to the benefit of you and our clients.

If you think you or your company might be a fit for the data partner program, or if you’d like to share your feedback on this initiative, please RSVP below and we’ll be in touch to set up a quick intro call with a Mosaic data specialist.

Please take a minute to describe the data set you have in mind... we can prepare ideas prior to our intro call.  If you are unsure of any answers, please leave them blank.

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