Mosaic Data Partner Invitation

We’ve kickstarted a new initiative called the Mosaic Data Partner program, which allows our consultants to license and monetize their aggregated/anonymized business data OR earn referral fees for pointing us to new industry-specific data sets.

Are you aware of unique data sets within your industry, or do you own a unique data set, that you think may be valuable to our clients’ investment process?  For example:

  • Point-of-sale software used by a specific industry that captures sales or cost trends
  • Large vendors in your industry whose sales data would be indicative of broader industry trends
  • Transactional data; like aggregated, anonymized credit card spending data
  • And, of course, a multitude of other data sets that we’re not aware of (but we’re hoping you are…)

If so, please RSVP below and we’ll be in touch to set up a quick call with our Mosaic data specialist to discuss the data set and potential next steps.

Please take a minute to describe the data set you have in mind... we can prepare ideas prior to our intro call.  If you are unsure of any answers, please leave them blank.

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