For Advisors/Consultants

An opportunity to share knowledge
and be compensated for time

For Investors/Researchers

Provides access to precise industry
experts by performing custom searches

Unique, precise connections that benefit our Clients and Advisors

Mosaic Advisors is a recruiting platform developed to connect industry experts and executives with investment analysts and other researchers.

Mosaic Advisor Program

Mosaic Advisors offers an invitation-only opportunity to consult with clients of Mosaic Research Management on select engagements. Below are the benefits and details for the advisor

    • Information: Our clients are some of the most savvy investors and researchers in the world; hear their take on your industry.
    • Relationships: Build strong relationships with knowledgeable decision-makers who have an active interest in your industry or area of expertise.
    • Compensation: For paid engagements, set your own hourly or project-based consulting fee.

Recruiting for Investors and Researchers

For our clients, Mosaic provides semi-exclusive access to precise industry experts by performing custom searches for each of their research projects; an excellent complement to the services of traditional Expert Network providers. Specifically, we are best utilized by clients for:

    • Deep dive research projects,
    • Specifically-named targeted recruits, and
    • Recruiting semi-exclusive panels of contacts for our clients’ monitoring of existing positions (e.g. channel checks or monitoring earnings/news).

Of note, over the past four years, over 80% of the experts we’ve recruited have never worked with another hedge fund or expert network, and over 60% of the bios we’ve sent to our clients have been accepted for research calls; we think these statistics highlight the uniqueness and precision of our recruiting platform, respectively.


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