Expert FAQ

What is Mosaic Research Management?

Mosaic Research is an expert network and primary research firm. We facilitate 30-60 minute telephone consulting engagements between our clients (institutional investors and management consultancies) and experts across all industries and geographies.

How does consulting with Mosaic work?
  1. Mosaic client submits a project request
  2. We search our network and reach out to new prospective experts outside of our network
  3. We vet potential experts via phone and/or email to ensure there is a good fit
  4. The consultation is scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the expert and client
  5. The paid consultation takes place
  6. Expert is compensated by Mosaic
Where/How did you find me?

We use a variety of methods to source experts, including online searches, news articles, and other online sources.

How do I get a request for consultation?

Mosaic will offer an invitation-only opportunity to consult with clients of Mosaic Research Management on select engagements. Note: it is not guaranteed that you will be selected for the engagement because each consultation is industry specific or only when we have clients that are looking at projects in your area of expertise.

Is there a timeline as to when I can get these consultation requests?

It varies. We have projects that are time-sensitive, thus needing your availability times the soonest.

What are the benefits of the Mosaic’s advisor program?
  • Information: Our clients are some of the most savvy investors and researchers in the world; hear their take on your industry.
  • Relationships: Build strong relationships with knowledgeable decision-makers who have an active interest in your industry or area of expertise.
  • Compensation: For paid engagements, set your own hourly or project-based consulting fee.
What is the format of the interview?

It will be a phone call. Our client asks you questions regarding their project. If applicable, we can also request from our client a list of questions in advance so you can better prepare accordingly.

How much time should I devote to the call?

Calls normally last 45-60 minutes. Anything beyond 60 minutes will be paid prorated.

Who will interview me?
  • Initially, to be registered with Mosaic, you will speak with one of our Onboarding Specialists to learn about your background so we can match you with appropriate projects. This call is unpaid. 
  • Once you have signed up and have been requested for a paid consultation, you will be speaking with our client.
How can I best prepare for my call?

Typically, no preparation is required. If any preparation is required, Mosaic will advise the expert prior to the call.

Are all calls recorded?

No. You can disagree with the “recording question” on the compliance screener.

What’s the cost?

There is no cost for an expert to join or consult.

Who should I contact with follow up questions?
How is payment handled?

Experts are compensated based on an hourly rate of their choosing, on a pro-rated basis for the time they spend on the call with our client. After the consultation is completed, Mosaic will send invoicing instructions to the expert. Once the invoice has been submitted by the expert to Mosaic, we will issue payment (check, wire/ACH, or Paypal).


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